Billy DiNapoli (Lead Guitar/Vox)
  • Orange Heads

  • Marshall Amp

  • Fender (Guitar)

  • Jackson (Guitar)

  • Charvel (Guitar)

  • Boss Pedals

  • D'addario  (Guitar Picks)

  • Shure (Wireless Equipment)

Joe Labbadia (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

  • Splawn

  • Gibson

  • Schecter

  • Jim Dunlop Picks

John Gallicano (Bass/Vox)
  • Ibonas Bases

  • Am peg Amplification

  • Jim Dunlop Picks

Arnie Cuozzo (Drums)

  • Ludwig (Drums)

  • Vic Firth

  • Sabian Cymbals

  • Tama Pedals

  • Gibraltar Hardware

Band Members

Billy DiNapoli - Lead Guitar, Vox
Joe Labbadia - Lead Vocals, Guitar
John Gallicano - Bass, Vox
Arnie Cuozzo - Drums

All keyboards by Andrew Kadin


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