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ANNOUNCEMENT: Steve Wovkanech (Bass Player)

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The last year has given us some pretty amazing accomplishments since releasing our album Gasoline on Kivel Records. We have met a lot of great people from across the globe that have supported us with their kind words, concert attendance, merchandise purchases and even appearances in our video! For a bunch of guys from CT, who wear our musical hearts on our sleeves, we couldn't be happier or prouder of the last two years.

Now with that said, the good will always come with the bad, and you get thrown curveballs. Our brother John Gallicano has decided to step down from Wild America. No scandal, no fight, no one hates anyone, or any rock n roll clichés of any kind here. John, who is a massive talent and the ultimate all-around musician, is also a loving family man and has made the decision to dedicate more time to his family. With the next schedule of shows throughout the US forthcoming, the time had come for John to make this difficult decision. He did not want to hinder us nor did he want to be away from his family.

John will remain a member of the Wild America family, and we wholeheartedly support his decision. He may not be playing with us, but he will always be part of us. You will even still hear his fantastic signature backing vocals on the next album, so he is certainly not gone!

As we watch John shift his focus to his family, we came to the harsh reality that we were now without a bass player.  Enter fellow CT native, Steve Wovkanech! Boy did we put the guy through hell!! Let's say we didn't hand him the keys to the studio quite so easily. We wanted to make sure he could deliver and meet not only our expectations, but the fans as well. We are happy to say, Steve is going to fit in nicely. He is going to pick up where John left off, while adding his own flair and spice to the chili. Steve is ready and up to the challenge though. He's got his feet up, his beer to you all and ready to Rock ‘N’ Roll with WILD AMERICA in 2020!

Look out for announcements on new merchandise, shows, the next album and possibly even another video!! 2020 IS GOING TO BE WILD!

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