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Review in Rock Eyez on Wild America

by Brian Rademacher

In today’s world of fast-paced productions, WILD AMERICA brings a breath of fresh air; a heavy guitar sound by Billy DiNapoli that tantalizes the taste buds with a back beat of drummer Jason Northrop and bassist John Gallicano bringing the full-body sounds to the masses rounded out by Joe Labbadia on vocals. Labbadia does a masterful job on “Rockstar” and the albums third track, “Is Anybody Listening”, blows the doors off any high profile band going. I got to witness these guys first-hand back in the summer of last  year at the Kivel Records New England Rock Fest and I can say the studio package might surpass the live experience; it’s that well done.Kivel Records is the main base for some excellent indie bands and they have a niche to find that undiscovered gem in the rough that could turn the corner to stardom. For me, the signature track for Wild America is “Gasoline”. It has it all from the catchy hooks, amazing guitars and a pulsating midsection. Joe Labbadia has charisma to his voice that fans can really latch onto. I’m impressed.Check out the ballad “Feet to the Fire” which features Heather Joseph and Joe Labbadia together. It is just an unbelievable track that caresses the senses. Make sure to read along with the lyrics on the inner sleeve. One of my favorite parts of getting a CD is if it has the lyrics for all the tracks on the inlay and WILD AMERICA has that. I love reading along as the music plays.Wild America really made an impact on me. I don’t know what I was expecting but this is truly an amazing release. By far Billy DiNapoli’s slicing guitar shines throughout the disc and if you get a chance pick up WILD AMERICA’s “Gasoline” then sit back and get ready for blast off…

Band Lineup

Billy DiNapoli- Lead Guitar, Vox

Joe Labbadia- Lead Vocals, Guitar

John Gallicano- Bass, Vox

All keyboards by Andrew Kadin

Track Listing:

Long Road


Is Anybody Listening


Something Inside

Feet to the Fire

Maybe Tonight

She Will


Til the End

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