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Wild America Band

Guitar driven, arena rock is alive and well in the United States with Wild America! These guys aren't out to set trends. They're here to deliver their unapologetic, hard driving brand of rock and roll. With their hearts on their sleeves, Wild America unleashes the sound of a wall of Marshalls and giant, mesmerizing guitar solos on their appreciative listeners. With style and substance that any Van Halen fan would love, this band takes its listeners on a journey to rock and roll Disneyland-all while leaving them begging for more. Combine this electricity with memorable hooks, sing-along choruses, and big, lavish production and you've arrived at your destination: Wild America!  While so many artists try to reinvent the wheel, Wild America remains steadfast to their rock and roll roots with their debut album, Gasoline.

Their "old school cool" is easily recognizable on every song, with its magnetic power drawing the listener deeper with every spin. While the industry continues to shy away from the powerful, memorable arena rock sound, Wild America plants its flag in its roots with pride, poise, and power.  Gasoline has been met favorably by both critics and fans alike and while the praise is appreciated, performing live is truly the area where Wild America shines brightest. While the band works on its follow-up LP, due in 2020, they'll be playing to crowds in all corners of the USA. So, raise a glass and get your party started by pouring a little Gasoline on your fire!

Wild America is a proud artist to Kivel Records.

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Band Members

Billy DiNapoli - Lead Guitar, Vox

Joe Labbadia - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Steve Wovkanech - Bass, Vox


Derrick Pontier - Drummer


​​All keyboards by Andrew Kadin


Wild America has built up a genuine, organic and healthy buzz over the past two years with powerful catchy rock songs and downright gritty guitar riffs, packed with anthems to match.

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COVER 20X20_WILD AMERICA Gasoline CD.png
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